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Fine hand crafted sheep milk cheeses from the milk of our flock raised on pasture in here in Western Washington and the milk we have been able to purchase from the Tin Willows Farm in Eastern Oregon bringing the definition of Terroir, The taste of Place, to your plate.

-Mopsy's Best, as always, has two or three flavors that wake up and roll over your tongue and hit you once again just when you think you had enough.  What fun to sell these cheeses at Market.  What is more fun is to watch you all sample them and catch that second wave of flavor and ride it to the end.  Mopsy's Best is generally available from June to October.

-Queso de Oveja, is a Spanish recipe that has a nice sharp flavor and a very mellow finish.  It has been very well received and enjoyed.  This cheese is made from the milk from the Tin Willow Farm.  Look for this one in July to November.

Queso de Oveja

-St Helens is a washed curd cheese that will develop a natural rind which is brushed with B Linens to impart a bit of flavor.  This cheese is made in April so it becomes available July to September.

-Tin Willow Tomme is a hit from the milk of Terry Felda at the Tin Willow Farm in Lexington Oregon.  Expansion of our own flock is limited by what land we have.  From the Tin Willow Farm comes a wonderful milk that brings grass and sage flavor to the cheese.    We cut into the Tommes in late September and generally have them through May.

Tin Willow Tomme

-Fresh Pecorino  The Fresh Pecorino is a young pecorino that is rumored to be similar to a Pecorino Toscano.  It has a young smooth paste but a quick sharp flavor.  This cheese is available during the summer June to September.

-Aged Pecorino is aged from 7-12 months.  This cheese imparts a nutty, salty, flavor to all you cold wintery dishes eaten while waiting from spring and summer to return.  It is generally available from November to May.
Aged Pecorino

-We also have FetaYummy creamy feta from March to September.





A look at the "cave.


At first, nothing but beautiful,  fresh sheep milk.

Add some starters and rennet, and soon....curds and whey!

Some new cheeses fresh out of the vat. On top, Saint Helens, on bottom, Feta.

A young Mopsy's Best